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Survey Questions

Q5   Final question!

This is a bit longer as it describes a scenario, but please do spend just one minute reading it through and responding.

We are really keen to gather useful data on this question.


One thing we have discovered from our work in different countries is that practitioners at all levels sometimes struggle with articulating what is meant by satisfactory practice, good practice, very good practice etc. Related to this is the difficulty in making judgements about classroom practice.

To help us understand this, we would like you to envisage a scenario where a teacher is being observed by a colleague. The teacher asks the class a number of open-ended questions, but does not allow much time to answer and often asks students for alternative answers until the expected answer is received.

In this scenario, who in your system would be able to evaluate this classroom practice, articulate how this approach could be improved and explain this in a way the teacher would welcome?

Select all answers that apply.


For those who prefer to think in numbers, the criteria we use are:

Almost all       = 90%                (so 90% - 100%)

Many              = 70%               (so 70% - 89%)

 Most               = over 50%        (so 51%-69%)

Some              = 30%                (so 30% - 50%)

Very Few        = less than 30%  (0% - 29%)

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